Saturday, December 5, 2009

Update on Jake 12/5/09

I visited Jake this morning in the vet hospital.  He's doing really great! He's not really eating well, but that is to be expected given the stress of the surgery and the opiates.  Jake won't take his medicine (shocked, I'm shocked not at all) so he has to stay until Sunday so they can give him shots.  They wanted me to try and give him pills while I visited...yea, right.  The vet student also said he kept trying to escape...

They shaved his butt for a pain patch.  They also shaved his head and his actual ear flaps.  Walks are going to be very, very cold.

His paw has lots of band-aids and the IV.

He's bald!

You can see the base of his ears are swollen.


makemeaspark said...

poor bubby! he needs lots of sympathy!! HUGS jake!

anne said...

sweete heartt get weell soon