Monday, July 26, 2010

Jake at Weldon Spring - Part 2

In the 1940s, Weldon Spring was an military munitions plant.  Needless to say, that generates a great deal of nasty waste that must be cleaned up before the land can be repurposed.  Much of this land has become conservation areas.  The majority of the waste was put into a containment cell that is 75 feet high.  The US Department of Energy assures everyone that the conservation areas and the containment cell are safe, so safe you can climb to the top of the containment cell.

Since we passed the containment cell on the way back from Weldon Spring CA, Jake and I decided to climb the cell.  Okay.  I decided and Jake just wagged his tail in agreement.

Stairs at the Weldon Spring Containment Cell
Wow. That's a lot of stairs.
They were as wide as Jake is long.

Jake Climbing the Stairs
That cheeseburger you promised me better be a double.

Hill at the top of the Stairs on the Weldon Spring Cell
You are kidding me.
We aren't at the top?

Jake on the Observation Deck
YAY! We made it!

Jake on the Observation Deck
This is awesome Mom.

Glowing Jake
You are so funny Mom.
I'm trying to sleep here.

Jake at Weldon Spring CA - Part 1

Because of the break in the weather, Jake and I got up really early this morning and went to Weldon Spring CA to walk on the KATY trail.  We started at the Weldon Spring Trailhead and headed towards Greens Bottom.  We actually turned around where the trail crosses a it took Jake and I nearly 35 minutes to make it that far.   The KATY Trail in Weldon Spring CA is nice, flat and shady.  However, it's not very may be more interesting further down.  We did hear frogs...

Jake at the Weldon Spring Trailhead
Jake at the Weldon Spring Trailhead of the KATY Trail
We headed in the direction behind Jake.

Jake next to Railroad Artifact
I don't know what this is, but I'm going to pee on it.

Happy Jake
This is so much fun Mom!
Let's go somewhere else!!!

Jake and the Missouri River
The Boat Ramp at Weldon Spring
Jake chased a red squirrel.
There are only grey ones by us.  

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Update on Jake 7/20/10

Let's not go to the Vet mom.
Let's stay in bed and you pet my belly.
See the nice soft belly
You know you want to pet!

I want a cheeseburger!

You tricked me.
See...I'm healthy!
Look at my nice pink tongue!

Mommy....they took my blood.
They took x-rays of my chest and neck.
I wanna go hooooooooooooooome.

The x-rays and blood work has all come back.  Jake doesn't have cancer in his chest (unless the radiologist finds something) and his blood work is great.  Most likely, the Horner's Syndrome is caused by either an ear infections (which would be in the deep inner ear) or there is no cause.  Jake has a CT scan scheduled August 9.

BTW:  I've decided Jake needs a birthday.  I've declared August 16 as Jake's birthday.  It happens to be the feast of St. Roch, patron saint of dogs.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Jake's Cat Scan

Jake's cat scan
I'm having a little trouble with the positioning..

What do I do to deserve this?
Really Mom.  Really.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jake at Route 66 State Park

Before the weather became brutal, Jake and I went to Route 66 State Park.  This is the second time we've been there.  The first time we went, Jake and I went down the wrong set of trails and didn't really enjoy it, as there was no shade and we landed up walking along the road, which I try not to do with the Jakester, who will suddenly dart out into the road, if something smells interesting enough.  After some research, I discovered we missed a whole section of the park that goes by the river.  So Jake and I went back.  It's still not all that shady as the trees are still growing in.  However, it is pretty flat.  We did see deer.   It is a kind of a pain to get to the park as the Route 66 Bridge is permanently closed.

Getting My Kicks on Route 66

We took this picture months ago.
I want to go into the park.
Let's go.
(hmmm...I can't find the first one - Snup)

Here's part of the trail Jake and I walked on.
I think the Meramec River is to our right.

Sniff Sniff
I smell bunny, or is it deer...

I love going for walkies!
They make me happy.

I think the bunny went this way!!!
If we hurry I could catch it!!!

I Gots A Bagel...

And you can't have it...
so stop trying to take it Mom.

Jake at the Forest Park Waterfall

sniff.  sniff. snort.  sniff.
What?  There's a pretty waterfall behind me?
I sniff a bunny.
That's so awesomer.

My paws.
They are wet.

Happy National Ice Cream Day

Jake snubbed the doggie ice cream.
He's so spoiled.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jake has Horner's Syndrome

On Friday evening, I noticed Jake's left eye was really red and his third eyelid was raised.  Since we went to the prairie earlier in the day, I thought he just irritated it running through the tall prairie grass.  I attempted to flush out Jake's eye using eye wash.  This seemed to make Jake's eye worse.  I noticed that Jake's left side was rather droopy.  I decided that it would be best to take Jake to the emergency vet because he seemed uncomfortable and I thought he scratched his cornea in the grass.  We went to the vet, who stained Jake's eye but there was no scratch.  The vet flushed Jake's eye again and prescribed some eye drops.

Jake's eye wasn't getting any better, so I took him to his regular vet on Tuesday.  She diagnosed Jake with Horner's Syndrome because in addition to the eye looking all ooky, his pupil is small and not responding correctly.  She advised calling the dermatologist who treated Jake's ears to make sure it wasn't a complication from the surgery.  I've spoken with the dermatologist who is believes it is not a complication for surgery.  The dermatologist recommended seeing a neurologist sooner than later.  One course of treatment for Horner's is to wait 6-8 weeks to see if it resolves itself.  However because one of the possible causes of Horner's is cancer in the chest, it might not be prudent to wait.

Jake has a neurology appointment at UM-Columbia Vet School Monday Morning and chest x-rays on Tuesday afternoon.

Jake's Ooky Eye

Links about Horner's Syndrome:
From Mar Vista Vet:  Horner's Syndrome
From Dr. Fosters & Smith:  Horner's Syndrome

Tuesday, July 6, 2010



Jake at the Riverfront

Jake wanted to see the geyser in East St. Louis today.  He also wanted to see the Arch and St. Louis skyline from the other side of the river.  As I do what Jake wants, I took him over.  There is a big viewing platform you can walk up.  Jake and I were one ramp from the top before security demanded Jake get off the platform (THE INDIGNITY--Jake).  There is no sign anywhere that says Jake isn't allowed so I was rather bummed because it was a pretty good climb for Jake.

Jake on the Mississippi River Observation Platform
We got yelled at right after I took this picture.

Jake and the St. Louis Skyline

Jake and the Gateway Geyser

Jake is very sad the geyser wasn't as big as promised.
That or he discovered I ran out of jerky.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


4th of July Jake

4th of July Jake - 2

Why can't I just eat a flag cookie?  How about a patriotic bandana?  Why the indignity?  oooo forbidden jerky.....well maybe one or two!  --Jake

Remember!  Dogs and fireworks don't mix!