Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jake at Route 66 State Park

Before the weather became brutal, Jake and I went to Route 66 State Park.  This is the second time we've been there.  The first time we went, Jake and I went down the wrong set of trails and didn't really enjoy it, as there was no shade and we landed up walking along the road, which I try not to do with the Jakester, who will suddenly dart out into the road, if something smells interesting enough.  After some research, I discovered we missed a whole section of the park that goes by the river.  So Jake and I went back.  It's still not all that shady as the trees are still growing in.  However, it is pretty flat.  We did see deer.   It is a kind of a pain to get to the park as the Route 66 Bridge is permanently closed.

Getting My Kicks on Route 66

We took this picture months ago.
I want to go into the park.
Let's go.
(hmmm...I can't find the first one - Snup)

Here's part of the trail Jake and I walked on.
I think the Meramec River is to our right.

Sniff Sniff
I smell bunny, or is it deer...

I love going for walkies!
They make me happy.

I think the bunny went this way!!!
If we hurry I could catch it!!!

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