Monday, July 26, 2010

Jake at Weldon Spring CA - Part 1

Because of the break in the weather, Jake and I got up really early this morning and went to Weldon Spring CA to walk on the KATY trail.  We started at the Weldon Spring Trailhead and headed towards Greens Bottom.  We actually turned around where the trail crosses a it took Jake and I nearly 35 minutes to make it that far.   The KATY Trail in Weldon Spring CA is nice, flat and shady.  However, it's not very may be more interesting further down.  We did hear frogs...

Jake at the Weldon Spring Trailhead
Jake at the Weldon Spring Trailhead of the KATY Trail
We headed in the direction behind Jake.

Jake next to Railroad Artifact
I don't know what this is, but I'm going to pee on it.

Happy Jake
This is so much fun Mom!
Let's go somewhere else!!!

Jake and the Missouri River
The Boat Ramp at Weldon Spring
Jake chased a red squirrel.
There are only grey ones by us.  

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