Monday, August 16, 2010

Jake's Birthday!

Jake, because he was adopted, doesn't have a birthday.  I decided to give him one.  I choose August 16 as Jake's b-day.  August 16 is the feast of St. Roch, who is the patron saint of dogs and dog lovers :).

A cheeseburger!!!
Just what I always wanted.
Gee, Mom, couldn't you spring for a bigger one?
(This was seconds before Jake ran off with the burger and candle...
I just rescued the candle from being eaten...)

For ME???
Don't sing.  
Just gimmie...

Note:  Blow out candle before basset attacks...

Hold on..
I can get all in my mouth..

I need a doggie bag.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jake at Elephant Rocks State Rock

On August 6 Jake and I went to Elephant Rock State Park.  This is an awesome park with neat geological features.  This park also has a handicap accessible trail, specifically for the visually impaired.  The entire path is paved and is about a mile.  There are a couple of side trails and forks in the road that aren't but are still easy for Jake.

Come on Mom
Let's go.
I wanna see the elephants.

Where the elephants??

Elephants!  Up Ahead
I wonder what the poo tastes like...

Where's the woof?

I'm still looking for the elephants...

This is fun.
Untie me and let's hit it!

The elephants are rocks.
I wanted to see an elephant....

I'm cute.
I wanna cheeseburger.

This is Fat Man's Squeeze.
I fit perfectly.

Ha Ha 
Are you stuck mommy?
You should take me for more walkies.

This was fun.
Let's come back!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jake at Laumeire Sculpture Park

Jake's usually pretty tolerant.
He so did not want to get in this cat.
You can see how happy he is.

Another picture in which Jake looks thrilled.

What Jake thinks of the art...

This is supposed to be sugar.
I'm soo sweet.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Jake at Onondaga Cave State Park

Jake and I visited Onondaga Cave State Park and walked along the Blue Heron Trail.  Unfortunately, doggies are not allowed in the cave.  However, if you bring your doggie and then decided to go on a cave tour, the staff will work with you so you don't leave your dog in the car to die in the heat (there was a big sign!).

Here's an entrance to the cave.
I think....

This is awesome!
I'm glad we got lost.
But I'm not going swimmin' k?

Of course I'm not drinking the water Mom.
It's not cold enough.
And it tastes funny...

Jake in the Car

Hey Mom
Whatcha doing?
Can I get out?
You aren't going to leave me are you????

LET ME OUT!!!!!!
I WANT OUT!!!!!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Jake at Cliff Cave Park Again

I so sleepy.
I just want to stay cuddled up.

Jake at Cliff Cave Park
I guess this is worth it.
I do love walkies though

Jake's Night Out

A Drink?  For Me?
You shouldn't have!
I hope it is delicious.


I think I drank too much...

Note:  No bassets were given anything intoxicating for these photographs.