Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!


Trick or Treat!!!

Time for Spooky Story!!

Remember chocolate and other candy is bad for dogs. Don't spend Halloween at the animal ER!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ask Jake- The Sammy Edition!

Hi loyal readers!!!
My mommy's goddaughter Sammy has questions for her to answer and since she is cute, adorable and her hands are right at my nose level....her questions have priority!

Sammy asks:
Can Jake tell the difference between Savannah, my twin and me?

Yes!  You smell different and that's how I can tell you two apart.  One of you smells like cookies and one smells like candy.  I can't tell you who smells like what, because it is top secret.  Besides, isn't it funny to watch Mommy, your TT, play "Guess Who I Am?"

Did you have a good time on Saturday?
Sammy, I had a great time at the expo and the park with you.  I can't wait to go to the park with you again.  Next time, drop er share your fries.  I like fries.  And chicken nuggets.

Until Next Week,
Woofs and Wags

PSSST:  Be sure to buy cookies on sale.  I'm 1/3 of the way to the surgery monies!!! 

Announcing Parents On Vacation Sale!

That's right! Ma and Pa are on vacation...somewhere.  To celebrate, Jake is having a sale!  Get all the biscotti that fit into a small flat rate Priority Mail Box for $5 and $5 shipping for a total of $10!


HURRY!!! This fantastic sale ends on Oct. 31 at 11:59 pm.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jake Visits Frontier Park

Yesterday, I went to the Pet Expo.  Afterwards, we went to Frontier Park to have cheeseburgers.  I had mine with a side of deer poo. Mommy was so not happy...I had it all over my face and my paw...(I was saving it for later.)...she was going to throw me in the Missouri River but we came across a spigot.  (I wouldn't really throw him in...bassets are noted for their sinking ability...not swimming abilities. - T )

Sammy, Can I have a fry?

Can I have a nugget?

Sammy and Melissa

Wait for ME!!!!!!!!

I'm exhausted! Chasing after little kids is hard work.
Ooo mom missed a spot of deer poo!

Sunday Reflections - God and DoG

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jake goes to the St. Louis Pet Expo

Happy Saturday Everyone!  I've had a busy day as Mommy and I went to the St. Louis Pet Expo in St. Charles.

The Pet Expo was incredibly crowded (Mommy also brought her goddaughter so between me and her...the pictures are blurry.  She says sorry).  There were lots of cool booths.  I got a new ID tag for my tie-dyed collar.  Mommy found a place that will make a necklace charm from my nose print.  She's all excited that.

There were lots of rescue groups! Remember, don't buy a doggie...adopt!  There are lots and lots of doggies looking for new homes!  There are mutts, purebreds, boys, girls, young and old!  Rescue!

I need this for my ride!

This ribbon is actually a collar!
There were lots of cool T-Shirts...
But I wouldn't let Mommy look as I had
Stuff to Sniff.
Shirt is from Rally to Rescue

Here I am looking for the next thing to sniff!


Ferret Art
Apparently made by putting ferrets in paint,
and letting them run over canvas.

Bunny..New Zealand.  Huge.
I really liked this bunny.  I licked its butt!


Wait for me Princess!
I'm Prince Charming!

I'm tired.  Let's go.

This is Lucy, a puppy we met on the way out.
I didn't like her. I barked.
(I have this image of Jake in a rocking chair on a porch..yelling
"Get off my lawn" -T)

Time to Go!

Woofs and Wags!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Jake's Four Week Ear Check

It has been roughly four weeks since Jake had his CT scan and he needed a recheck to see how his ears were doing.  Here's some pictures!

Jake's appointment was at 10 am at University of Illinois-Urbana-Champagn Veterinary School and Teaching Hospital.  To make it there on time, we had to leave St. Louis at 6:30 am.  Ugh.

Stop taking pics Mom.  Let's go.
We are going to the park right?

Here we are at a rest stop.
You can tell mommy is still not awake.

This is the vet school.

Uhm.  This isn't the park.
I'm going this way, okay?


(Insert Picture of Jake Hiding Under My Chair didn't come out :( )

Getting My Heart Listened To!
At the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, I'm examined by a
4th year student first.  Then I go away to be examined by the dermatologist.

Hey Stop Talking to the Vet about ME!
Let's GO!!!!!

Are you ready yet?
Come on....

The bottom line is that Jake's ears are doing really well considering.  We are going to wean him off the ear drops and substitute ear cleaning.  Jake will also be sporting booties, as he has bacteria in his paws, because he either step in something or the skin on his paws is infected.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ask Jake!

Hi again!
It is time for another installment of Ask Jake.  Today's question is comes again from Reader Mike!  Mike asks "If you could be any famous person, living or dead, who would you choose? Why?"  

Wow Mike! What a question!  Well I was thinking some one really cool and totally awesome, but Mommy reminded me if I go too far back, they are likely to treat me like a dog and I'm so much better than that.  Mommy said they might actually make me work for my food and sleep in a kennel.  That is so not cool.  Then I was like I could meet a Pope, that would be pretty cool.  I found out that Pope Pius II had a puppy. But the puppy fell in a fountain, fell down a well and then fell out the window.  Uhh...maybe not.  I could meet a famous scientist and Mommy for some reason suggested Pavlov.  Then she started laughing.  Then she mentioned Skinner... Mommy's nuts.  Hmmm.  I was like I could meet a saint.  St. Francis likes animals.  Or what about St. Dominic?  He's like God's Dog (for more info Mommy says go visit Godzdogz).  I wonder if God has a dog....I'd like to meet that doggie.

After much deliberation, I've decided I'd like to meet  Rowlf.  He seems really cool in his movies and on the Muppet Show.  

He'd be totally awesome to meet. 

Until next week!
Woofs and Wags

PS.  Remember, you can buy biscotti to help me get surgery by clicking on the links on the right, or by going to Pets in the City and buying them :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

Sunday is a day of prayer and reflection as well as a time to catch up on sleep!

Dear God, protect and bless all beings that breathe, 
Keep all evil from them, 
And let them sleep in peace. 

--Albert Schweitzer, "Memoirs of Childhood and Youth"

Friday, October 16, 2009

Cookies By Jake!!!

Hi everyone!
To help raise money for Jake's surgery, I am selling biscotti (for dogs).  I'm currently making 3 flavors: pumpkin, banana and apple.  Biscotti are available in one of two ways:

By the bag at Pets in the City, Jake's favorite pet store!  Bags sell for $1.  The first bags will be pumpkin flavor. Banana will be available on Saturday (10/17)

By mail order!  For $13 ($8 for biscotti, $5 for shipping) you get roughly ~10 biscotti, or all the biscotti the small Priority Flat Rate box will hold! Baking occurs on Thursday and Friday, with shipping either Friday or Saturday morning!  Paypal is accepted!

(When you check out, be sure to specify which flavor you'd like.  If no flavor is specified, it will be a surprise!)

Questions?  Email at

What do the biscotti look like?


Jake adores these!  And your doggie will too!!

This is Jake guarding the biscotti!
He really likes them!

The pumpkin biscotti has been rigorously taste tested --
Dusty, Frankie and Rosie all give it 4 paws up!!!

Help Jake out and buy a box of biscotti!  Or visit Pets in the City and buy a bag or two!!

Pssst:  If you are at UMSL, delivery can be arranged!

Jake loves them!
(Photo by Mark Abeln)
Tina and Jake!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's Time For Ask Jake!!

Woofs to my loyal fans!
It's time for another installment of Ask Jake!

Reader Mike asks "Who do I favor in the World Series?"
Well Mike, 
I'm a loyal Cardinals fan.  Unfortunately, they aren't in the World Series this year.  I'm very sad.  Distraught.  Hmm I like to play with socks sometimes.  Is there any Sox teams in the running?  Oh and mommy needs to buy me a Blues bandana.  Does anyone know where she can get one for me???

Reader Mark has emailed me with quite a few questions.  He seems kinda nosy :)  His first question is "What time do I get up in the morning?"
Well, that all depends on my mommy.  As soon as mommy stirs I'm up.  She's gotta walk me first thing you know.  Mommy's parents get up at 7 am...and if I hear them I try and score a cookie out of them.  When mommy first adopted me, I got up at 5 am.  Mommy was so not cool with that, let me tell you.  Usually I get up around 9 am.  Sometimes 10 am.  I don't like it when mommy sleeps so late, because it makes brekkie so much later.

Reader Mark has also asked where I like to sleep.
Mark, I like to sleep in the comfiest spots but it all depends on my mommy.  If my mommy is in the kitchen, I like to sleep on the blanket Mommy has thoughtfully put in front of the tv for me.  If mommy is on the computer, I like to sleep right next to her and move my bed that mommy has thoughtfully gotten for me to be right next to her.  This traps mommy because she's in some rolly chair and she's afraid she's going to roll over an ear or a tail.  When mommy is in the shower, I sleep in my dog bed in the living room.  When mommy is at work, I sleep in the recliner right by the door.  I still haven't figured out she comes in the other door.  At nap time and early in the morning, I sleep in mommy's bed under the covers.  Gotta keep mommy safe!

Thanks for all your questions.  If you'd like me to answer your questions, leave them in the comment box and Mommy will ask me.

Woof and Wags

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm Ready To Go To Mass Too Mommy!!!!

I recently ordered a mantilla and it came in the mail this week.  Everyone wanted to see a picture, but the only model I had available was Jake.

O God, You have redeemed all creation
through the incarnation of Your eternal Word;
Protect our pets, Your creatures,
who provide us with joy
and nonjudgmental companionship;
Give us respect
for all of your Word-redeemed creation,
that we may care for creation
as just and humble stewards;
We pray this in the name of the same Word, Jesus Christ,
who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and forever.
David Bennett.

If you'd like your own mantilla, Joy makes them and you order them here.  They are lovely...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Jake Sleeps in the Park

This chair is in Francis Park and was taken by Mark at Rome of the West.  Jake absolutely refuses to hop up into the chair (It's cold and not comfy...Jake).  Thanks to Photoshop...I present Jake in the chair!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Breaking News: Jake Wins the Nobel Peace Prize

Late Breaking News: Jake wins the Nobel Peace Prize!

FYI: This is totally photoshopped. :)

For Me? Drop It Right In!

Since the cost of Jake's surgery is so much, I thought I could raise some money selling doggie treats and shipping them to people. Today was test baking day. I made liver brownies and pumpkin biscotti. I think I'll be able to sell the pumpkin biscotti to far away places. The liver brownies however, can only be sold in the St. Louis area. But stay tuned for details.

Jake is my new best friend. He's sticking to me like I smell like liver brownies. Ugh. He doesn't want to leave the manna from heaven falls from the sky or liver brownie chunks as the case maybe.

Are you baking those for me????

Drop Them Right In!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Five More Minutes

But I don't want to get up...

It's a dreary, rainy day here. Under the covers is the best place to be!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ask Jake

Jake has informed me he'd like to do a weekly column answering your questions. On Tuesdays, Jake's Takes will feature a question or two from his loyal readers and answer them.

This week's from question comes from fan Lavona, who asks Jake what his favorite memory is?

Hi Lavona!
My favorite memory is the day Mommy came all the way to Kansas City to a doggie expo to get me. I was so worried because Mommy got lost and was late. Mommy wasn't sure she was ready for another basset hound, but Eleanor thought I'd be good for her. Mommy came and saw me under the table. We walked around the doggie expo. Mommy seemed to think I'd do. We spent the night at Otis' house and I snuggled with Mommy. Then we went for a really really long ride until we got to Mommy's apartment and my new home.

Here's a picture from my adoption day.

April 29, 2007

Bonus Question!
Reader David asks me who my Confirmation Saint is?
Well David, dogs can't get confirmed. Although I think I could use the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. But I digress. If I was going to get Confirmed, I'd pick St. Roch as a Confirmation Saint, as he's the patron saint of dogs. Although Pope Saint Cornelius and St. Polycarp are possibilities, as they are the patron saints against earaches, and I get alot of those.

Woofs & Wags,

If you'd like Jake to answer your question, just leave it in the comment box!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Jake sends out big sloppy kisses to the wonderful people who have donated to his ear fund. :)

Pet Blessing at St. Anthony of Padua

Today is the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi and many Catholic parishes have pet blessings. Of course, I took Jake to get blessed today.

Here's the story on my blog, View from the Back Pew.

Video of Jake

That's not Jake barking BTW.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Jake's Adoption Picture

I was looking through my inbox when I found this picture, the very first picture I have of Jake.  It's his adoption photo.

Please Adopt Me!
Taken on April 3, 2007.

The Mass in Jake's Ear

The CT scan CD came today.  Here's a shot with the mass in it.  I've labeled it so you can see it.

The mass is circled in purple.

Friday, October 2, 2009

What does Jake do...

while I'm working on my dissertation?

Sleeping while I'm working at the kitchen table.

Snoozing under the computer table.

Are you done yet?
Can I have a cookie?

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Mommy...wait for meeeeeeeeeee!

Not Without Me

I put my shoes on because I forgot to run an errand and will after lunch...

Jake's response

You so aren't leaving without me....