Friday, October 23, 2009

Jake's Four Week Ear Check

It has been roughly four weeks since Jake had his CT scan and he needed a recheck to see how his ears were doing.  Here's some pictures!

Jake's appointment was at 10 am at University of Illinois-Urbana-Champagn Veterinary School and Teaching Hospital.  To make it there on time, we had to leave St. Louis at 6:30 am.  Ugh.

Stop taking pics Mom.  Let's go.
We are going to the park right?

Here we are at a rest stop.
You can tell mommy is still not awake.

This is the vet school.

Uhm.  This isn't the park.
I'm going this way, okay?


(Insert Picture of Jake Hiding Under My Chair didn't come out :( )

Getting My Heart Listened To!
At the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, I'm examined by a
4th year student first.  Then I go away to be examined by the dermatologist.

Hey Stop Talking to the Vet about ME!
Let's GO!!!!!

Are you ready yet?
Come on....

The bottom line is that Jake's ears are doing really well considering.  We are going to wean him off the ear drops and substitute ear cleaning.  Jake will also be sporting booties, as he has bacteria in his paws, because he either step in something or the skin on his paws is infected.


Aussie Therese said...

so glad he is doing well considering.

Walter said...

good luck jake!

Walter Donovan
Veterinary School Adminstration
Veterinary College Abroad