Friday, October 9, 2009

For Me? Drop It Right In!

Since the cost of Jake's surgery is so much, I thought I could raise some money selling doggie treats and shipping them to people. Today was test baking day. I made liver brownies and pumpkin biscotti. I think I'll be able to sell the pumpkin biscotti to far away places. The liver brownies however, can only be sold in the St. Louis area. But stay tuned for details.

Jake is my new best friend. He's sticking to me like I smell like liver brownies. Ugh. He doesn't want to leave the manna from heaven falls from the sky or liver brownie chunks as the case maybe.

Are you baking those for me????

Drop Them Right In!


LauraAnne said...

Oh such a good puppy. Tina! Why don't you feed him! He just told me he is STARVING and that the only cure is liver brownies!

Anonymous said...

NOM NOM NOM like only a doggie can do

-tina in ashburn