Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ask Jake

Jake has informed me he'd like to do a weekly column answering your questions. On Tuesdays, Jake's Takes will feature a question or two from his loyal readers and answer them.

This week's from question comes from fan Lavona, who asks Jake what his favorite memory is?

Hi Lavona!
My favorite memory is the day Mommy came all the way to Kansas City to a doggie expo to get me. I was so worried because Mommy got lost and was late. Mommy wasn't sure she was ready for another basset hound, but Eleanor thought I'd be good for her. Mommy came and saw me under the table. We walked around the doggie expo. Mommy seemed to think I'd do. We spent the night at Otis' house and I snuggled with Mommy. Then we went for a really really long ride until we got to Mommy's apartment and my new home.

Here's a picture from my adoption day.

April 29, 2007

Bonus Question!
Reader David asks me who my Confirmation Saint is?
Well David, dogs can't get confirmed. Although I think I could use the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. But I digress. If I was going to get Confirmed, I'd pick St. Roch as a Confirmation Saint, as he's the patron saint of dogs. Although Pope Saint Cornelius and St. Polycarp are possibilities, as they are the patron saints against earaches, and I get alot of those.

Woofs & Wags,

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Mike said...

Who does Jake like for the World Series?