Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jake Visits Frontier Park

Yesterday, I went to the Pet Expo.  Afterwards, we went to Frontier Park to have cheeseburgers.  I had mine with a side of deer poo. Mommy was so not happy...I had it all over my face and my paw...(I was saving it for later.)...she was going to throw me in the Missouri River but we came across a spigot.  (I wouldn't really throw him in...bassets are noted for their sinking ability...not swimming abilities. - T )

Sammy, Can I have a fry?

Can I have a nugget?

Sammy and Melissa

Wait for ME!!!!!!!!

I'm exhausted! Chasing after little kids is hard work.
Ooo mom missed a spot of deer poo!


tinybear said...

Looks like Sammy and Jake had a wonderful afternoon together! :) Sammy loves her Jakey

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