Friday, March 23, 2012

Goodbye Jake

Jake's time has come.  I'm putting him to sleep today.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tiptoeing through the Tulips Again

I can't eat these....

Jake and a Lake

Bassets are not built to swim.  They are built to crawl through underbrush and chase bunnies.  They are not built to swim.  Some basset rescue groups will not adopt out to homes with pools because bassets are so not water dogs.

Jake's starting to have more bad days.  He was having a good day today so Hiking Buddy and I decided to take Jake out to dinner at the Boathouse.  It's on a lake.  The edge where the tables are is finished and drops maybe 6 inches into the water, which is probably only 4 feet deep.

Jake fell in the lake.  He was sort of backing up and I was like he's getting really close to the edge.  I was worried because the prednisone has weakened his back legs so much.  Jake took a step back and his back leg went off the ledge and then his second back leg.  Then Jake went in.  Hiking Buddy was holding his leash and tried to pull him up by the harness.  Jake slid right through the harness.  Hiking Buddy tried to grab Jake's collar but I keep Jake's collar loose so Jake doesn't get stuck and choke.  Also, Jake's throat has been swelling so I kept it really loose.  Jake slid right through it.

As I was running around the table to try and get to him, Jake looked at me.  He looked kind of like he was saying goodbye.  He went in on his back and flipped over under the water.  He didn't seem like he was trying to doggie paddle or anything.  He just started going straight down.  I grabbed his butt.  I could barely reach under him to pull him up he was so deep already.  Hiking Buddy pulled his head out and we were able to haul him up the ledge.

I'm shocked at how fast Jake sank.  He didn't float at all.  He went straight down.

It's all a blur afterwards.  Jake was ok but soaking wet and shaking so I went to the car to get a blanket for him.  I am so thankful Hiking Buddy was there.  This could have ended so much worse.

Tie-dyed Basset Burrito

I'd feel alot better if you'd give me some of your dinner.

I was just trying to see the turtle...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jake Update

Jake is holding his own.  His lymph nodes have not shrunk, but they have not gotten significantly larger.  Rubbing under his chin gives me the willies though.  All of the lymph nodes, I think they are called submandular, are enlarged.  It's like grapes in his neck.

Jake is starting to show signs of side effects from high doses of predinsone.  His face is sunken in and his belly looks like a pot stove.  His muscles are atrophying.  The vet is concerned that the prednisone will damage Jake's heart enough so that he goes into congestive heart failure.  Jake already has a heart murmur, so this is a distinct possibility.

The goal now is to keep Jake happy, able to breathe and swallow and pain-free.  He's now allowed to eat whatever his little doggie heart desires.

It's now a matter of weeks.

Hiking Buddy and I have decided to have 1 last adventure with Jake this weekend.  We are still debating where to go.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I was breed for this!

Jake in a field.
Hiking Buddy and I were struggling.
Jake was happy as a clam!