Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jake Update

Jake is holding his own.  His lymph nodes have not shrunk, but they have not gotten significantly larger.  Rubbing under his chin gives me the willies though.  All of the lymph nodes, I think they are called submandular, are enlarged.  It's like grapes in his neck.

Jake is starting to show signs of side effects from high doses of predinsone.  His face is sunken in and his belly looks like a pot stove.  His muscles are atrophying.  The vet is concerned that the prednisone will damage Jake's heart enough so that he goes into congestive heart failure.  Jake already has a heart murmur, so this is a distinct possibility.

The goal now is to keep Jake happy, able to breathe and swallow and pain-free.  He's now allowed to eat whatever his little doggie heart desires.

It's now a matter of weeks.

Hiking Buddy and I have decided to have 1 last adventure with Jake this weekend.  We are still debating where to go.


Dissertation Doer said...

jakey is as lucky to have you as you have been to share some of your life with him. Sad with you.

pennyante said...

Thanks for the update.... I've looked here every few days to see how your precious Jake is doing. I have no doubt that these days are hard for you... You are in my daily prayers...