Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jake goes to the St. Louis Pet Expo

Happy Saturday Everyone!  I've had a busy day as Mommy and I went to the St. Louis Pet Expo in St. Charles.

The Pet Expo was incredibly crowded (Mommy also brought her goddaughter so between me and her...the pictures are blurry.  She says sorry).  There were lots of cool booths.  I got a new ID tag for my tie-dyed collar.  Mommy found a place that will make a necklace charm from my nose print.  She's all excited that.

There were lots of rescue groups! Remember, don't buy a doggie...adopt!  There are lots and lots of doggies looking for new homes!  There are mutts, purebreds, boys, girls, young and old!  Rescue!

I need this for my ride!

This ribbon is actually a collar!
There were lots of cool T-Shirts...
But I wouldn't let Mommy look as I had
Stuff to Sniff.
Shirt is from Rally to Rescue

Here I am looking for the next thing to sniff!


Ferret Art
Apparently made by putting ferrets in paint,
and letting them run over canvas.

Bunny..New Zealand.  Huge.
I really liked this bunny.  I licked its butt!


Wait for me Princess!
I'm Prince Charming!

I'm tired.  Let's go.

This is Lucy, a puppy we met on the way out.
I didn't like her. I barked.
(I have this image of Jake in a rocking chair on a porch..yelling
"Get off my lawn" -T)

Time to Go!

Woofs and Wags!


Mark Scott Abeln said...

That looks fun!

Lavona said...

Jake, you are a good reporter. I'm wondering if your mom got you any treats to eat? You can answer in your next Ask Jake column :)

Anonymous said...

Jake is such a handsome little man. I do hope that you raise the money to get him operated. He has a lot of life in him.

Michelle Romani