Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jake at Elephant Rocks State Rock

On August 6 Jake and I went to Elephant Rock State Park.  This is an awesome park with neat geological features.  This park also has a handicap accessible trail, specifically for the visually impaired.  The entire path is paved and is about a mile.  There are a couple of side trails and forks in the road that aren't but are still easy for Jake.

Come on Mom
Let's go.
I wanna see the elephants.

Where the elephants??

Elephants!  Up Ahead
I wonder what the poo tastes like...

Where's the woof?

I'm still looking for the elephants...

This is fun.
Untie me and let's hit it!

The elephants are rocks.
I wanted to see an elephant....

I'm cute.
I wanna cheeseburger.

This is Fat Man's Squeeze.
I fit perfectly.

Ha Ha 
Are you stuck mommy?
You should take me for more walkies.

This was fun.
Let's come back!