Monday, July 26, 2010

Jake at Weldon Spring - Part 2

In the 1940s, Weldon Spring was an military munitions plant.  Needless to say, that generates a great deal of nasty waste that must be cleaned up before the land can be repurposed.  Much of this land has become conservation areas.  The majority of the waste was put into a containment cell that is 75 feet high.  The US Department of Energy assures everyone that the conservation areas and the containment cell are safe, so safe you can climb to the top of the containment cell.

Since we passed the containment cell on the way back from Weldon Spring CA, Jake and I decided to climb the cell.  Okay.  I decided and Jake just wagged his tail in agreement.

Stairs at the Weldon Spring Containment Cell
Wow. That's a lot of stairs.
They were as wide as Jake is long.

Jake Climbing the Stairs
That cheeseburger you promised me better be a double.

Hill at the top of the Stairs on the Weldon Spring Cell
You are kidding me.
We aren't at the top?

Jake on the Observation Deck
YAY! We made it!

Jake on the Observation Deck
This is awesome Mom.

Glowing Jake
You are so funny Mom.
I'm trying to sleep here.

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