Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jake at the Riverfront

Jake wanted to see the geyser in East St. Louis today.  He also wanted to see the Arch and St. Louis skyline from the other side of the river.  As I do what Jake wants, I took him over.  There is a big viewing platform you can walk up.  Jake and I were one ramp from the top before security demanded Jake get off the platform (THE INDIGNITY--Jake).  There is no sign anywhere that says Jake isn't allowed so I was rather bummed because it was a pretty good climb for Jake.

Jake on the Mississippi River Observation Platform
We got yelled at right after I took this picture.

Jake and the St. Louis Skyline

Jake and the Gateway Geyser

Jake is very sad the geyser wasn't as big as promised.
That or he discovered I ran out of jerky.

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