Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Basset Sphinx

Before recorded history, before they worshipped cats, the Ancient Egyptians worshiped basset hounds.  They made many monuments to the bassets and the earliest sphinx were not lions, but rather bassets.  Sadly, all of the quantifiable evidence of this has been lost to time (or to someone's lack of organization).  However, the basset hound still retains his noble bearing and sphinx-like appearance, to share with us his past (and still) total awesomeness.  The basset hound (Jake in particular) is to be worshipped and adored.  One day, they will reclaim their place of pride.  Until then, the noble basset practices his pose for that day of adoration.

You must worship and leave offerings.


Lavona said...

offering hugs

jennywren said...

those ears are perfection....ummm, the anti-spam word was "popess"...something you wanna tell us?

benedictgal said...

that is so cute. He really does look like a sphinx. Lots of hugs and pryaers.