Saturday, December 19, 2009

All I Want for Christmas!

Jake's working on his Christmas List!  He's all excited about Santa Paws coming.  He hopes he's been a good little basset!  (I think he's been *wink*)

Jake's Christmas List

1.  A heated bed
2.  Cookies
3.  Mommy to stop trying to put pills in everything.
4.  Jerky
5.  Chewies
6.  More walks
7.  More car rides.
8.  More belly rubs.
9.  Mommy to shop chasing me around with eye medicine.

Here I am from last Christmas!
Mommy took the candy cane away.
It makes my gums bleed.
Mommy's mean like that.


Lavona said...

Car rides that do NOT go to a vet.

Here is hoping for a wonderful Christmas for Jake and his mommie.

Owen said...

Wow, just the same as our dog's list and probably every K-9's ;-)