Saturday, December 12, 2009


Basset hounds are low to the ground with very long ears that can drag along the ground, getting all icky and ooky. In the winter, when there is snow on the ground, it is really important to keep basset ears out of the snow as the ears can become frostbitten. Now that Jake is bald and with shaved ears, it is even more important to keep his ears warm.

Over the summer I bought him a tie-dyed cotton snood. Unfortunately, the temperatures in St. Louis nosedived this week and the tie-dyed snood wasn't warm enough for de-furred ears.

I had my snack.  Now it is time for a walk!

I decided to get Jake a fleece snood.  I contacted the same person who made his tie-dyed snood, Howlin'  Hounds, and ordered a fleece snood.  

However, Jake doesn't like it.  It's too hot I think for him and uhm, his mommy ordered the wrong it's a little big.

Lucky for Jake, he has a friend the crochets and made him a crocheted snood!

How many of these things do I have to hide before mommy gives up?
You can see about getting one from Joy!

He seems to like this one a little bit better.  It's got air holes, so it doesn't get as hot.  Jake's mommy isn't so bright and mis-measured Jake's head.  Luckily, I can tighten it by just retying the elastic!

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AmMen said...

Jake looks smashing. It's just that, like most strong, silent, guy types, he feels funny being the center of attention-- which he must be when he is stepping out in such awesome snoods.