Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday Update

Hello all
Sorry for the light posting.  Jake is being somewhat difficult.  He's gone on a hunger strike.  I've tried just about everything to get him to eat and to take his meds.  It's been very difficult.

Today Jake had his stitches taken out!!!! YAY!!! His ears are healing nicely.  However, it looks like there could be some permanent facial nerve damage as Jake still can't blink properly.  Also, Jake is having some trouble eating on his right side.  It could be facial nerve damage or it could be some underlying jaw issue.  In other words, although the surgery solved his ear issues, it may not have solved his jaw problem.  The latest on the jaw problem is that it could be arthritis in his jaw.  We are going to try metacam for a week to see if that helps.

I really feel like Jake needs House.

As Jake and I were discussing his medication problems, I ran into his dermatologist, Dr. Metry, who is totally awesome and she gave me a big hug telling me that it was great news.  I'm like, yeah, Jake got his stitches removed.  She's like they didn't tell you?  Tell me what?  The final biopsy results came back.  The mass in Jake's ear is not cancer!!!!!!  It apparently was something that became a necropsis in his ear and became surrounded by pus and other goo.  Because his ear was so calcified, the medications could never get to the mass.

Here is Jake in the exam room!
He's got Christmas collar cover on!
Doesn't he look awesome!

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jennywren said...

look at those eyes... those are eyes to love. :)