Friday, December 11, 2009

Preliminary Biopsy Results

Good Friday to you all!

The surgeon called this morning with the preliminary biopsy results. So far, it is excellent news. The mass in Jake's ear appears to be infection and inflammation. NO CANCER! The full biopsy isn't completed as they have to de-calcify his ear to check the deeper parts.

The cultures of the infection came back as well. Our favorite bacteria, psuedomonas, was present. And, unsurprisingly, resistant to the free antibiotics they hand out at the grocery store. But don't worry, it is susceptible (sorry it was a mistake earlier) to an antibiotic that is $7.50 a dose. yay?


Lavona said...

I still don't know why they even try something they know the bacteria is resistant to ... ;( sorry about the $$ ... wish I had won the lotto.

Tina aka Snupnjake said...

ACK! That was a typo! I fixed it. He has 3 different bugs in his ears and there are only 2 drugs that kill them all that the bugs aren't resistant to. Jake is on one and will be getting the other, which I had to have shipped by 2 day air.