Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Update on Jake

As you know, Jake has been feeling ill.  Jake's bloodwork came back indicating an inflammation or an infection.  He's been prescribed antibiotics.  He was doing better until Sunday.  He didn't want to eat, but I thought his tummy was upset from the antibiotics because it has happened before.  The twitching/shaking started back up as well.  Jake then decided he wasn't having any of his pills.  Hot dogs, velveeta, the pb from a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, Jake wasn't buying it.  I was like fine, I'll just pry your jaws open and jam the pill down your throat.  Jake screamed when I opened his mouth.  Needless to say, pill attempts came to an abrupt halt.  I then noticed the left back side, where the jaw joint is, was swollen.

I was able to get Jake into his vet on Monday.  She was not able to get Jake's jaw open either.  She prescribed liquid meds (we have a pharmacy here that can compound meds!) and referred me back to University of Illinois and Jake's vet there.

The vets at University of Illinois Vet Hospital don't think it is the mass in Jake's ear growing.  It is unheard of for that kind of tumor to act that way.  The vet suspects Jake has masticatory myositis, which seems to be some kind of doggie MS.  Hopefully the vets can pry Jake's jaw open to take radiographs.  If not, a CT will have to be done.  They need to check to see if his jaw has fused shut.  If it has the prognosis is poor.

He is doing better today.  His appetite is back and he's eating lots.  Jake has an appointment with the dentists on Wednesday, 11/25, at 9 am.  I'll keep everyone updated :)

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