Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ask Jake!

Hello all, it is time for Ask Jake.  Sorry it is late today, my secretary (Mom) wanted to work on her dissertation.

So this week's question comes from Jenny, who asks, What is your favorite thing to do that your mommy doesn't like?

Well Jenny, my mommy likes everything I do.  Well, there are 3 things I do that mommy doesn't like.  
1.  I eat things I'm not supposed to like cat poo and deer poo.
2.  I lick my mommy's birkenstocks.  They are quite tasty.  Mommy's worried I'll start snacking on them.
3.  I lay right behind mommy when she is in the rolly chair.  It upsets her when she rolls over my paw or ear.  It's good for extra cookies.

Thanks for all your questions and comments!  Thanks for supporting me so I can have ear surgery soon!
Until Next Week
Woof & Wags

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pennyante said...

I was just noticing your nails. What color nail polish do you use?