Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jake in his Pawz

Jake is a very special dog.  The vet is concerned that Jake is allergic to the outside and every time he walked outside, Jake was getting the allergy stuff all over his paws, which was causing an allergic reaction, which was infecting his ears.  The solution to this is to wash his paws when he comes in from the outside.  Let me tell you, this was not a big hit. Also Jake has bacteria on his paws.   This year the park has been full of acorn pieces which have been getting into Jake's pawpads and then he can't walk (expect this to happen in the winter, with snow in the paws).  And throws a growly when I try to fix it.  I was about to buy him boots, but the problem is his front paws are a different size than his back paws.  Also, his front paws are so big, but his ankles are so tiny, it is hard to get boots to fit correctly and they are not cheap.  Some dogs act like their paws are broken and won't walk. Socks work, but they have to be taped on, and they get wet and ooky.

So I was at my favorite pet store, Pets in the City, and noticed they had new boots for dogs.  They are called Pawz and look like balloons.  They are disposable and relatively affordable.  So I got a pair for Jake.  They are purple.  They match his harness, leash, collar and my hoodie.  Jake seems to tolerate them and we had no problems walking in the park today!!! No acorns in the toes!!!  No allergens on the feet!!! YAY!

The other dogs are going to laugh at me...
Are you finished with the camera...
It's walk time!

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pennyante said...

Jake's wearing "footsies"!!!!