Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jake's New Toy - The Kibble Nibble

Because of his ear, Jake is on prednisone, which makes him very, very, very hungry.  His stomach is a bottomless pit.  A couple weeks ago, Jake got into a big bag of peanut M&Ms.  Something had to be done. Jake doesn't play with toys, so leaving him with a special toy is out of the question.  I decided a treat ball/toy dispenser might work if it was simple enough, as Jake isn't the swiftest.  After some searching, I found the Kibble Nibble, which is an egg shaped container you put kibble in or small treats.  We got ours from Pets in the City.  The reviews suggested the kibble comes out too fast and to use a tennis ball inside the egg.  The treats I got don't come out very easy, so I had to actually tap the rubber stoppers on the holes so treats came out easier.

The Kibble Nibble

I'm interested.  Can I eat it?

Can I have one?
Please? Please? Please?

The dog is way too clueless to figure this out.
Just put some catnip in it for me.
K? Thanx.

Uhm Mommy?  I can't the cookies.
My tongue's too short.
I can't eat this thing.

I rolled it.
Nothing happened.

Why are you being mean?
The cookies are stuck inside.
I want them.  Get them out for me.
Seriously.  You want me to play?  Act like a dog?

Ahhh the sweet taste of success!!

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