Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ask Jake!

Jake would like to apologize for his lateness in answering this week's questions.  His secretary was occupied with such mundane things as homework and work.  Really, she doesn't have her priorities in order at all.

This week's question comes from Father Leo (who is totally awesome and serving his country as an Air Force chaplain!)  Father Leo asks, What are dogs dreaming about when they are running in their sleep?

Chasing the enemy of course!  Or hunting.  I dream about catching that cat Moonshine..she's mean and bops me on the head.  I dream about catching a plump bunny cause I'm fast in my sleep and the bunnies are slow.   I can only dream about it, as if I caught one mommy would cry.  I dream about cookies too and playing in the park with mommy.  

Moonshine and Jake
Moonshine is about to swipe Jake on the nose.

Thanks for asking questions.  Don't forget to leave your questions in the comment box.  

Until next week,
Woof and Wags

PS.  Jake wants to add a tail wag to all those doggies who have bravely served our country and their handlers! Thank you!

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