Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What? What do you mean No More Jerky???

Happy Jake
This is my happy face.
This is you want to give me my favorite jerky treats face.
I so happy when you give me my favorite treats!

Unhappy Jake
This is my unhappy face.
What do you mean my favorite jerky treats have sugar in them???
What do you mean I can't have them anymore?
But, but I love them!

Happy Happy Jake
Look again
My happy face.
Give me the jerky treats & you will see happy jake!

I was reading an article about the increase in obese pets (not me! -- Jake) and the article mentioned that 10 years ago, dog treats did not contain sugar, but today, it is often the third or fourth ingredient. Dogs have developed a sweet tooth. I got these chicken and rice jerky stick things from Trader Joes. Jake goes insane when he sees/smells them. The other day, he rolled over for one. Seriously. I thought, no Trader Joes wouldn't put sugar in the chicken and rice sticks. Who puts sugar in with chicken and rice anyway? I checked the ingredient list: organic cane sugar was 4th and organic molasses was 5th. That seems like a lot of sweetener for a chicken and rice stick. Isn't the molasses enough? Needless to say, no more chicken and rice sticks for Jake. He's very sad about it too. (Please mail me chicken and rice sticks -- Jake)

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