Friday, June 11, 2010

Jake at the CWE Art Fair!

My mom's too busy playing with her cyberdogs working on her dissertation to tell you about our Friday night.  We went to the Central West End to see the art, listen to the music and take in the cool urban hip scene.  Well that is why my mom and my buddy Mark went.  I went to be adored and to find dropped pieces of food. And to meet some new doggies.

Here is a young fan adoring me.

Lots of people came up and petted me and exclaimed how cute I was.  

sniff sniff
The food, er art, is this way!
I haven't been to the CWE so there were lots of new smells.

There were lots of cool artists and some cool music.  I don't know why my mom cringed everytime we got near glass and my tail started to wag... We passed by a guitar player and mom tossed in some money...I had to go sniff and make sure she didn't throw in my cookie money...  One really nice artist had a bowl full of milkbones.  I had 2.  I wanted another one but....

YUM! Parm Fries!  YUM!
Please, mom, can I have more?

We walked around alot.  I met a great pyrenees, a corgi, a couple different terriers, an Australian Shepherd and all sorts of other doggies.  It was great fun.

I was a little disappointed by the lack of basset artwork.  I mean I'm totally cute and adorable.  Why wasn't there artwork of me?  

This is my cute, tired dog look.
Wouldn't I look great in art?

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