Monday, June 21, 2010

Jake at Columbia Bottom Conservation Area

Because it is so gruesomely hot and humid, if Jake wants a walk, we have to get up really early to go.  To celebrate the arrival of summer, Jake and I got up and 4:15 am and drove to Columbia Bottom Conservation Area to watch the sun rise over the confluence (where the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers meet).  Unfortunately, although the conservation area was open, the gate to the confluence itself was still closed.  However, there is a trail from the fishing peer to the confluence, called the River's Edge.  They aren't kidding.  In some places there is no buffer between the river and the trail.  One misstep and you are going swimming.    This trail is dirt and goes up and down.  Jake even did some climbing over tree limbs.  There is another trail, the Confluence trail, which is asphalt and flat as a pancake, but it has shade only on one side.  Both of these trails are a little on the long side for Jake.  I think the River's Edge Trail is 3 miles while the Confluence Trail is in the neighborhood of 4-5 miles.  Jake and I walked about 1/2 mile down the River's Edge Trail from the fishing peer.

Here's the Confluence Trail.

Columbia Bottom is rather large and has multiple exploration stations so that you can learn about the wildlife in the area.  It is a beautiful area.  One thing you do want to watch for is flooding.  Since is is flat as a pancake, it floods rather easily.  Also, hunting is allowed at various times so you might want to invest in an orange safety vest for your dog (and you) instead of say fake antlers.

Hey Mom...uhm could you get me unstuck....
no...stop taking pictures....
help me...

This is the confluence.

Right.  So I posed all cute and all...can I have the jerky?
Jerky for me....

But I want to look at the turtles....
(the viewing platform is under water by at least 5 inches if not more)

This is the frog that Jake chased (this is a new behavior for Jake).
The frog got away by hopping across Jake's paw.
Jake was very confused by this.

Mr. Froggy...where are you....
The circle is where I found the frog to take his picture.
As you can see, Jake's frog hunting skills need some practice.

Last one to the car gets all wet!
(This is the fishing pier...which was flooded.)

Link to Columbia Bottom Conservation Area

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