Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jake at Byrnes Mill Park

Hi all!
Jake and I went to a farmer's market at Byrnes Mill Park on Friday, June 25.  Jake was adored and got some homemade doggie cookies.  We also walked around in the park for a bit.  It was a lot hotter than I had anticipated and I also was wearing the wrong shoes. (I was wearing birks, which are not the best for mud, steep inlines, or rocky beaches.)

We went down a rather long steepish staircase (the steps themselves were fairly wide) and saw this:

This is the Big River.
I think.

We walked a little way up and down the shores for a bit.  Have I mentioned that Jake hates getting his paws wet?  We saw this:

Byrnes Mill Ruins

To get closer, we had to walk through a bit of water. Someone had placed a 2x4 across the bit of water..

Yes.  That's Jake.  Doing everything in his power not to get his paws wet.
He got across with only dropping his back paw in the water.

Jake and I plan to go back when it is cooler and I have the right shoes on!


Mark Scott Abeln said...

I like that you can still see parts of the mill's old water wheel in that photo. Were you able to see any remains of the dam that used to go across the river there?

Tina aka Snupnjake said...

There were maybe.
We will go back and explore.