Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jake at Cliff Cave Park

Since it cooled off on Thursday evening and Jake was all squirrelly, Jake and I went to Cliff Cave Park.  There are a couple different trails, Jake and I walked on the Spring Valley Trail and Mississippi River Trail.  The Nature Trail is currently closed because of flood debris.

First Jake and I walked along the first part of the Spring Valley Trail which leads to Cliff Cave.  This trail was rather rocky and crossed creeks.  Jake was not amused.  To get up some parts of the trail, Jake had to scrabble up and jump.

Does this not look like the happiest basset?
Jake is like my paws...they are wet.

This is part of the trail.
We didn't go on this part.

More of the trail.

After this trail, Jake wanted to go the overlook and look at the Mississippi River.  He's a very existential doggie.  Very Reflective.  

This is the Mississippi River Trail.
Nice, flat and paved.
As you can see, Jake was very excited.
He was rather tired of me taking pictures.

I think if Jake and I go back, we will stick to the Mississippi River Trail.  It's not very shady as it goes along the prairie, so we will have to wait until it is cooler.

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