Friday, September 10, 2010

Jake at the KATY Trail..Part 1..St. Charles

of many!

Jake has decided he wants to walk the KATY Trail.  It's 225 miles long.  This presents a tiny challenge because Jake can only walk at most 3 miles (1.5 miles one way) a stretch.  But we are slowly working on it.

Today (9/10) we walked part of the KATY from the end at Frontier Park in St. Charles to Blanchette Landing.

The KATY is home to a variety of wildlife.
Here's Jake checking out the local smells.

I can't drink's muddy.
And I'm not getting any closer.  
I might get wet.
(It's the Missouri River)

I didn't like it over there
Cause you weren't there.
(Some doggie wouldn't stay where I put him...)

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