Friday, September 10, 2010

Jake at Bangert Island

On Monday (9/9/10) Jake and I went to Bangert Wildlife Area in St. Charles right off the KATY Trail.  The is an "island" in the Missouri River.  It's been closed since I found out about and it was finally open again.  If the Missouri River is high, you can't get to it.  Or if there is a danger of flash flooding.  Although the island is flat, the trail goes up and down a bit.  Nothing very steep.  In some places you are walking through mud and in other places, like on top the hills, you are walking through river silt.  It is a very popular area for mountain bikers; we ran into quite a few on our walk.  There are a couple of different trails:  Jake and I took the trail straight down the middle and then the loop that was closest to the island's edge.  Although the skeeters weren't bad, I bet they are terrible in the spring as the area is pretty swampy.  It was nice and shady.

Jake crossing the Missouri River.

I wants a cookie.

No really.
I want a cookie.
Those salmon crunchies don't count.

I'm going to stand right here in the worst possible spot
(for pictures)
and eat my cookie.

I'm not eating anything...
Uh...let's keep walking...

I'm stuck...
I spent quite awhile picking burrs out of Jake's fur..

my favorite thing to do on walkies
sniff sniiiiiiiiiiiff sniff

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