Monday, May 31, 2010

River des Peres Greenway

One of Jake's favorite trails is the River des Peres Trail.  This is a very nice trail for a senior dog as it is flat, flat, flat.  The bridges curve a bit but it is very gentle.  There is off-street parking.  The only downside is that the newer sections from the trailhead at I-55 and Germania to around Gravios and Carondelet/River des Peres Blvd has next to no shade.  The shade is currently growing and in 5 years will probably be lovely.  The trail does cross River des Peres Blvd and Carondelet but there are designated lights which you can activate to cross, which gives Jake just enough to time to waddle across.  The trail doesn't loop.  Parking at the middle trailhead could be a problem during soccer season.

Jake at one of the entrances

DUCKIES!!!! See the duckies mommy???

Jake on the bridge across the River des Peres

The Trail

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