Friday, May 28, 2010

Jake Hits the Trails

Greetings and Salutations!

Jake loves going to the park and loves going to new parks.  The problem is I never know what parks are good for Jake and which ones to avoid.  Jake's blog has been kind of stagnant too.  Then I had an idea!  What if Jake and I went to different parks and reviewed them for dog-friendlyness!  We will be looking at trail surface, shade, and general old dog friendliness.

So come join us on our hikes!  If you have suggestions of places to check out, drop Jake a line in the comment box!

Let's Roll!


Nancy said...

Jake is my hero. I have a basset, Franklin I rescued who is about 10 years old who needs the surgery Jake had. Can I ask what is the cost of the surgery? And do you advise doing both ears at the same time?

Thanks so much,

Nancy(Mom to 10 bassets)

Tina aka Snupnjake said...

We went to Univ of Ill. Vet School and the cost was roughly $3000. I'm not sure of the exact cost because a very generous person called the vet school and paid for everything so I'm unsure what the final cost was.

We hadn't planned to do both ears at the same time, but because Jake was having trouble opening his jaw, they elected to go ahead and do both ears.
I will say it wasn't as much as the vet surgeon wanted. They wanted to do another CT scan and a rapid biopsy (means it costs more), but I was like do the surgery and we will decide what to do next when the biopsy report comes back.

I think, given the amount of pain Jake was in, even though he was on painkillers, I think it was better to do both ears at the same time.

I wish I had started training him to respond to hand signals while he could (we thought) hear.

I am glad we did go through with the surgery. Jake is like a new dog. There are also aren't any fights over pills anymore or ear cleanings. :)