Thursday, December 29, 2011

Jake's Insides!

Jake has a developed a cough.  We are still trying to find out why.  First step is X-rays.  Here's Jake's!  There were supposed to be 4, but Jake wouldn't cooperate for the view where he is on his back with his paws stretched out.

Looking at Jake from above
That blob in the middle is his heart :)

From a side
You can see here that Jake's heart is enlarged.
The vet says that his heart is only supposed to be 3 rib spaces big.  
Jake's is bigger.   It's also wonky cause he's a basset.

This is the other side.
That circle?
Jake's elbow.  It not supposed to look like that.
It's arthritis.  He's got it really really bad.

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Filia said...

Praying for you and Jake!