Friday, October 8, 2010

Jake at Klondike Park

I want out.
Are we playing Chinese Fire Drill?
I can't open the door to play....

That was delicious.
Uhm.  Nuttin.  I wasn't eating nuttin...

The fog's gonna get me!
Can we go walk now??

Really.  This is a walk.  You go places.
Not stay here and take pictures.
Let's go....'re in there without me!
*sniff snort*
Whatcha doin?
(seriously.  Jake wouldn't leave his walking buddy.)

While we are waiting, can I have another bacon guy?
I so sad and pitiful
I need more bacon.
and something's stuck on my nose
so I need bacon.

You need to work on better shots Mom
I don't look good with power plants in the background.
Can we go walk yet???

I'm only here because you put a bacon guy here.

dum de dum da dum
I so happy
walkie walkie
sniff snort sniff

Hey Mom!
Come On!
I gots place to pee on and things to sniff!

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EllenS said...

Hello! I found your blog by google-ing horner's syndrome in dogs. I looked through your pictures and it looks like Jake's horner's syndrome cleared up in about 2 months. Did you just wait it out or did you treat it with anything. My poor Sasha has an inner ear infection and is on her first week of horner's syndrome. She's been to the vet and is still on antibiotics. I'm just curious what you did because his eye looks recovered in later pictures. Thanks!