Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jake's New Bed!

Jake got a new self-heating bed for the kitchen this week.

Doesn't it look lovely and warm?
It's a little bigger than I expected.

Here's Jake on his new bed.


Here is the cat on the new bed.  The cat, Eclipse, likes to lay wherever Jake has laid before.

She belongs to my sister.

Now we are having disagreements about whose bed it really is.

What is this *dog* doing in my bed????

Compromise has been reached!!!

Jake: zzzz
Eclipse:  I suppose I can share.  But does he have to snore so loud?

Jake:  OMG! There's a cat in my bed.
Is that the one that likes me?
Eclipse:  zzzzzzz


Mark Scott Abeln said...

Cute. My cats like my electric blanket.

Adoro said...

LOL< adorable! Love the "commentary" :-)